Who Makes Quantum Fishing Reels? (Solution)

Quantum fishing is part of the Zebco family of products and has become known for both their spinning and baitcasting lines of reels. The company first went into business in 1984 and has been producing quality reels ever since.

Is Quantum made by Zebco?

Zebco is a preeminent marketer of fishing tackle and outdoor gear. Zebco Europe distributes the namesake Zebco brand, but also has a strong share of Europe’s predator fishing with Quantum, which originally launched in the United States in 1984, and is well-established in the lexicon of American and European angling.

What company owns Quantum fishing?

-based company. “Fishing our gear, Kevin became the most decorated angler of all time, and we have really enjoyed our mutually beneficial relationship,” said Steve Smits, President and COO of Zebco Brands, which owns Quantum.

Is Quantum nitrous a good reel?

The Quantum® Nitrous Baitcasting Reel is a sleek, well wounded reel sure to be a hit this season. With a continuous Anti-Reverse™ clutch and disc drag system, this reel is smooth and easy to operate. Its lightweight graphite frame and aluminum spool offer durable, reliable construction.

Who owns Lews?

Lew’s Fishing was acquired by BDT Capital Partners on Jun 5, 2019.

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What company owns Zebco?

Zebco is owned by W.C. Bradley Company and is the current holder of such brands as Quantum, Badlands, and Cajun Line. Zebco Brands also owns Zebco Sports Europe, which was reacquired by the company in 2011.

Did Lews buy Zebco?

Rather Outdoors, the parent company of Lew’s and Strike King, announced that it has acquired Zebco, the Tulsa, Okla. -based manufacturer of rods, reels and accessories. The deal also includes Quantum, a Zebco subsidiary. “We are thrilled to welcome Zebco to the Rather family of brands,” said CEO Ken Eubanks.

Why did KVD switch to Lews?

stated, “ We could not be more honored to have Kevin joining the Lew’s team. The impact that Kevin has had on the Strike King brand cannot be overstated and we feel that the knowledge, expertise and respect he brings to the table will be transformational for our entire organization.”

Is Zebco going out of business?

Verdict: Are Zebco Rods and Reels Made in the USA? No, Zebco reels and rods are no longer made in the USA. Zebco moved manufacturing around 2001 from their Tulsa, OK headquarters to China.

Is Quantum Metrix a good rod?

This Quantum Matrix 2- piece Medium spin combo, 6.5-ft. is a decent rod for the price. Tried it out and it work pretty good so now my grandson has another rod after his broke on our last outing.

Does quantum make good rods?

The tip of the Quantum Smoke Casting Rod is fairly light for a heavy-action rod. These qualities also make it a good Texas rig rod as well.

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What is Quantum PT?

Product Description. Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels have earned the reputation as “go-to” reels under the most demanding fishing conditions. These Performance Tuned, low-profile baitcast reels feature precision, PT stainless steel/polymer hybrid bearings that make the Energy one of the smoothest reels available today

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