When Does Fishing Season Start In Michigan? (Best solution)

2021 Fishing Seasons

Species Season Dates
All Great Lakes & inland waters & St. Marys River June 5 – March 15
Lake St. Clair & St. Clair & Detroit Rivers June 5 – December 31
Northern Pike & Walleye
Lower Peninsula Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair & St. Clair & Detroit Rivers Open for Entire Year


Can you fish in Michigan right now 2020?

Michigan DNR says anglers can still fish, but must follow social distancing guidelines. KALAMAZOO, Mich. — With millions of Michiganders staying inside, many have gone fishing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources said fishing is allowed under Gov.

Is fishing open in Michigan?

Other fishing seasons will open in May and June. The possession season for largemouth and smallmouth bass opens statewide on Saturday, May 29, except for Lake St. Catch-and-release fishing for muskellunge is open all year. The 2021 Michigan Fishing Guide and inland trout and salmon maps are available online.

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What fish are in season for Michigan?

When To Fish in Michigan

  • Fall Salmon Season. (September, October)
  • Michigan Spring Steelhead. (March April, May)
  • Late Fall & Winter Steelhead. (October, November, December)
  • Skamania Summer Run Steelhead. (July & August)
  • Summertime Trout & Smallmouth Bass. (May, June, July, August)
  • Winter Steelhead & Trout.

Is bass season open in Michigan?

Catch-and-Immediate-Release (CIR) seasons: CIR fishing for bass is allowed all year on all waters, unless otherwise closed to fishing. All bass caught must be immediately returned to the water.

When can I buy a 2021 fishing license in Michigan?

MICHIGAN (WPBN/WGTU) — Spring fishing is just around the corner and anglers can now purchase a new license before the April 1 opener. Michigan’s annual fishing license is valid from March 1 of a given year through March 31 the following year.

How much is a Michigan fishing license 2021?

License options include: Annual all-species resident: $26. Annual all-species nonresident: $76. Annual all-species senior: $11 (65 and older or legally blind, Michigan residents only).

How much is a lifetime fishing license in Michigan?

(f) The fee for a lifetime fishing license, equivalent to the resident annual fishing license issued pursuant to section 43532, is $220.00.

Is Trout Season Open in Michigan?

Trout season traditionally runs from the last Saturday in April through the end of September and the bulk of the state’s streams (approximately 1,400 of them) follow this regulation. However, there are numerous streams (190) that are open year-round, so trout season never really closes in Michigan.

What fish are biting this time of year in Michigan?

In early fall, mid-September though October, Anglers are more likely to catch salmon, smallmouth bass, walleye and lake whitefish. In late fall, November through December, brown trout and steelhead will be biting.

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What’s the best time to fish tomorrow?

Best Fishing Times

  • One hour before and one hour after high tides, and one hour before and one hour after low tides.
  • During the “morning rise” (after sunup for a spell) and the “evening rise” (just before sundown and the hour or so after).
  • During the rise and set of the Moon.
  • When the barometer is steady or on the rise.

Do Bowfins bite?

Many bowfins simply bite through the line with their needle-sharp teeth. Landed bowfin may at first appear docile, but suddenly spring to life, tangling nets and line with violent thrashings of their body.

What month do bass spawn in Michigan?

Largemouth bass spawn in late spring or early summer. The male constructs a nest on rocky or gravelly bottoms, although occasionally the eggs are deposited on leaves and rootlets of submerged vegetation. The eggs hatch in three to four days. The fry rise up out of the nest in five to eight days and form a tight school.

When can you fish for bass?

When it comes to catching bass, every season has its opportunities and challenges. Fishing can come alive in the dead of winter on a mild afternoon, but spring and fall usually present the best action. Generally, I try to avoid extremes of heat and cold and times when the water temperature falls rapidly.

Can you eat bass?

YES, you can eat bass! Freshwater bass is an exciting specie to catch, and it is absolutely safe for human consumption. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, as well as a fairly large amount of protein. The reason why some people avoid eating it is that it just doesn’t taste as good as some other freshwater fish species.

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