What Time Of Year Is Best For Striper Fishing? (TOP 5 Tips)

The best time of day to catch striped bass is early morning from dawn until about 2 hours after sunrise and late afternoon from 2 hours before sunset until dusk. Fishing for striped bass can be even better in the hours before a major cold front or rain event arrives.

What month is best for striped bass fishing?


  • Look for the season’s first linesiders in estuaries and back bays.
  • Bouncing bucktails and swim jigs in inlets is an effective early-season tactic.
  • The nighttime is the right time to find feeding stripers in the summer.
  • Rocky shorelines are magnets for migrating stripers during the fall run.

What is the best bait for striped bass?

Striped Bass Baits Live eels, spot, bunker, and herring will entice any larger striped bass to eat, but cutting fresh or frozen fish into chunks works well for striped bass of all sizes. Crabs, sand fleas, bloodworms, squid, and clams are optimized for smaller stripers.

Is striper fishing good in winter?

As long as the salt or brackish water in your region doesn’t completely freeze over, you can catch stripers right through the winter. Holdover striper fishing is a far cry from the fishing of spring, summer and fall. In the cold waters of winter, stripers don’t move very much and feed infrequently, but they do feed.

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What pound test should I use for striped bass?

The Solution. Line matters and Captain Mike recommends sticking with 10-pound or 12-pound test. Plus, it makes catching striped bass a lot more fun.

Where is the striper migration 2021?

It’s the final spring striper migration map of 2021! Stripers are settling into summertime hotspots like Montauk, Block Island, and outer Boston Harbor. The Cape Cod Canal, which has been a reliable summer spot in recent years, was slower than normal this year, with just a couple short-lived bites.

Will striped bass eat Nightcrawlers?

What fish will bite worms and nightcrawlers? Just about any freshwater fish will eat a worm, but catfish, bullheads, striped bass, walleye, trout, crappie, rock bass, bluegills, yellow perch, and suckers seem to really like worms.

Do stripers bite when its cold?

Because a striped bass is an anadromous fish species, they can adapt to freshwater habitat however, their natural instinct is to spend their adult lives in saltwater. What makes fishing freshwater striped bass even more appealing is that they bite strongly right through the winter months.

How do you catch freshwater stripers?

If your state allows, you can rig tip-ups with live bait to include gizzard shad, threadfin shad, and alewives. Spread out your tip-ups over different depths. May sure to keep your bait off the bottom as stripers rarely hunt down there. If fishing in the south or on a river, go deeper by trolling or jigging.

What is the lifespan of a striped bass?

Striped bass have a fairly long life, up to 30 years. Growth depends on where they live. Striped bass can grow up to 5 feet in length and 77 pounds. Males are sexually mature between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

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Are striped bass good to eat?

Striped bass meat is generally flaky, tender, and a bit too oily for many people’s liking. But if cooked properly, removing the bloodline from the flesh and adding the right quantity of spices, then striped bass is delicious.

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