What Is Wreck Fishing? (Perfect answer)

Wreck fishing is a very exciting kind of fishing for many. When you go wreck fishing, you set course for a wreck lying at the bottom of the sea. These ship or aircraft wrecks are a great hiding place for cod, bib, whiting and dab, as they can find ample food and shelter here.

How do you jig a wreck?

The Jig Rig Just lower the pirk until you feel it touch the wreck, then take a couple of quick turns on the reel to reduce the chance of snagging. Sweep the rod upwards, then lower it, allowing the lures to flutter back down again. Repeat the process until you hook a fish or your arms drop off.

What do I need for wreck fishing?

Most anglers use lighter sporting gear with rods in the 12-20lb class range, matched to a 7000 size multiplier and braid. Your braid should be around 30lbs with a 25lb mono rubbing leader attached of 2 rod lengths or so. Simple flying collar rigs (boom-bead-swivel) are ideal, as are Portland Rigs and French wire booms.

What fish live in shipwrecks?

With most the underwater wrecks lying in 10 to 40 metres of water, they become fully colonized by sponges, shrimp, seaweed, sea anemones, tubeworms and other sea organisms within two years. The habitat attracts numerous fish, particularly copper rockfish, along with sculpins, perch and lingcod.

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Can you fish reefs in the Keys?

Reef fishing in Islamorada is a great way to spend a day on the water. We fish the reef year round in the Florida Keys, but the offshore charter boats primarily focus on it from October – April. The reef line runs parallel with the Keys and is an average distance of 4 miles off shore.

What is the best bait for plaice?

A great plaice bait is to cut the body of a peeler crab in half and bind this to the hook with elastic, then add a long slice of squid to the hook to give the bait movement. Other top baits for plaice are fresh blow and black lugworm, ragworm, fresh mussel, sand clams, razorfish and white rag if you can get it.

How do you fish for Rays?

Baits for catching rays One of my favourite baits for big ray is a live joey mackerel. Other fish baits also work such as bluey, garfish, herring and more, along with squid. Thornbacks will also take peeler crabs and occasionally worm baits too.

How do you drift plaice?

Drifting techniques Any slower the you risk the bait and rig dragging slowly but, too fast and your average plaice will need a motorbike to keep up. The ideal drift for where I tend to spend a lot of time fishing is wind and tide together, a medium spring tide and a wind speed of around 7 knots.

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