What Is The Best Rod For Walleye Fishing?

Top 8 Picks – Best Walleye Rods

  1. Fenwicks Elite Tech Walleye Rod – Best Overall Walleye Rod.
  2. KastKing WideEye Spinning Rod – Best Budget-Friendly Walleye Rod.
  3. St.
  4. Medium-Light Ugly Stik With Walleye Combo.
  5. St.
  6. Ugly Stik Shakespeare Elite Spincast Rod.
  7. Ugly Stik Tiger Elite Jig Spinning Fishing Rod.

Is a medium light rod good for walleye?

Rods. Depending on the style of fishing you like to do, rod selection for walleye is key. Many times, they are light biters, and even the most experienced anglers questioning “what that a hit?” For casting to walleye, a 6-7 foot medium-light or medium rod with a fast action tip will help you detect the fish.

What is the best fishing rod size?

A short (6 feet or less) rod is ideal if you want to make short, accurate casts. When pinpoint accuracy is less critical, a long rod (over 7 feet) is the way to go. Dingy or dirty water and heavy cover are two situations where short-range accuracy is part of the recipe for success, and a shorter rod can really shine.

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What is a walleye rigging rod?

The rigging rod is made of graphite that transmits the lightest touch to the anglers fingertips. The Walleye Angler Extreme trolling and deadstick rods are longer and are a combination of fiberglass and graphite. They may range in lengths of 6′ 3″ to 8′ 3″.

How do I choose a walleye rod?

When fishing for walleye, if you’re jigging, you want to look for a rod with a medium to medium light power. This will allow the rod to be lightweight enough to have a fast action, while giving it enough backbone to catch the fish. For a trolling rod, you want to look for a more powerful option.

Is extra fast action good for walleye?

Going along with the sensitivity and “quickness” factor, having a fast to extra-fast action is key to having lightning quick hook sets. When a walleye grabs a jig/bait in a river, they suck it in very quickly and will spit it back out within seconds if they don’t like how it feels or tastes.

Can you troll with a jigging rod?

The light boat or heavy casting rods would work perfect for trolling and even jigging. They are also in the 7′ to 7.5′ range. If budget is a concern, you can’t go wrong with Ugly Stick.

How much drag do I need for walleye?

Good fishing to you, Sportdog! A good start is setting your drag to about 4oz. of weight for every 1lb. of fish your fishing for, i.e 5 lb fish, drag should be set about 20oz.

What kind of lures do walleye like?

Minnows. Minnows are the most popular bait option for walleye anglers, I have found consistent success with shiner and flathead minnows. When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are the mainstay, these will weed through some of the smaller fish and get you on 25″+ Walleye.

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Are Baitcasters good for walleye fishing?

It’s not surprising when you understand that baitcasting gear is ideally suited to handle the heavier fishing line and lures used in bass fishing compared to the spinning tackle used for many walleye fishing techniques.

What brand of fishing rod is best?

Best Fishing Rod of 2021

  • Best Overall Fishing Rod. St.
  • Best Telescoping Rod. Daiwa Megaforce Tele Spin.
  • Best Bang for Your Buck. PLUSINNO Two-Piece Spinning Rod.
  • Great for Small Fish. Ugly Stik Elite.
  • Most Versatile. KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic.
  • Good for Casting.
  • Good for Backpacking.
  • A Functional Rod but Lower Quality.

What is a 6/10 medium/heavy rod good for?

The KVD Tour 6-6 or 6-10 medium heavy action makes that easier, especially when fishing spinnerbaits or swim jigs. It has a softer tip that loads the rod best for the low trajectory/soft splash entry you need.

What is a 7 3 medium/heavy rod good for?

7’3″ Medium/Heavy Casting Rod Specs SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES: This all purpose rod is great for a large multitude of techniques. From Texas rig to Jigs to large Spinner baits, and everything in between.

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