What Is Lead Core Fishing Line? (Solution)

Lead core fishing line is just that: line with a lead core. Generally it is some type of braid with a thin strip of lead wire running down the center. Most come in 18 and 36 lb.

Do you need a special rod for lead core line?

You will need two rods, ideally. The reels should be large capacity, level wind casting reels. Lead core is bulky, so you will need the space to store the line. Just how big your reel must be depends on whether you are going to troll segmented lead core or if the reel will be filled with lead core only.

Does lead core fishing line go bad?

The dacron will last a long time. The issue in lead core is when the lead pushes through the dacron–that makes weak spots and then it will break. If yours has no kinks or spots where the lead has pushed through, use it. You could always run it out in the yard and give it the pull test.

How is lead core fishing line made?

Lead-core trolling line is made with a nylon-braided sheath and an extruded, lead center core. The outer sheath of nylon changes color every 10 yards, and is used as a gauge to keep track of exactly how much line you have out. Anglers refer to the colors when describing how much lead-core line they have out.

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What is lead core line used for?

The main idea behind using lead core line is to let the line itself sink, enabling whatever lure you are trolling with to reach a deeper depth than it could dive on its own using monofilament or braided lines.

How far down does lead core line go?

Standard leadcore dives on average 5-feet per color, with the Advanced leadcore diving to 7-feet per color. The result is more depth per less units of line, but either way, consider putting on a full-core. Leadcore line is marked by a different color every 10 yards, so a full-core would be 10-colors, or 100 yards.

How long is a lead core leader?

Give it a stretch… I usually use leaders of between 5 and 6ft long and by cutting the leadcore at around 5ft and stretching it tends to add another six-inches or so to the length. This not only makes it go slightly thinner but also makes it feel fractionally supplier.

How often should you replace lead core line?

“The leaders and backing line fished in combination with lead core must however be replaced at least once a year. I recommend using 50 feet of 20 pound test fluorocarbon line as a leader when fishing lead core line and at least 200 yards of 20 pound test monofilament or 40 pound test super braid as a backing line.”

What is the best fishing line?

Best Fishing Line of 2021

  • Best Overall Fishing Line. SpiderWire Stealth Blue Camo.
  • Best for Sneaking Up on Fish. Berkley Vanish.
  • Best Bang for Your Buck. Berkley Trilene XL.
  • Best for Small Reels. KastKing Superpower Braided.
  • Best for Everyday Fishing.
  • A Happy Medium.
  • Good for Fresh and Saltwater.
  • A Strong Line but Lower Quality.
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Does fishing line weaken with age?

High quality, braided fishing line lasts for many years without needing replacement. However, monofilament and fluorocarbon line will eventually go bad after a couple seasons of use in the water. Even unused fishing line will loose peak performance after a few years if stored improperly.

What is a Willis knot?

The Willis Knot is used to attach a leader to lead-core fishing line. When using a monofilament leader one overhand knot is sufficient. This knot is considered to be very reliable by lead core fishermen. Alternatives include an Albright Special or a Double Uni tied with the sheath material of the lead core.

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