How To Use A Strike Indicator Fly Fishing? (Solution)

Simply attach your indicator at the desired depth so your flies will be suspended beneath, cast out gently using an open loop and a slowed down casting stroke and present them gently on the water surface. After they’ve landed, do a long straight pull to remove any slack and keep the flies in line with your rod.

Where does the strike indicator go on fly line?

Generally, your indicator should be placed approximately one and a half times the depth of the water up your leader from the bottom fly. So, if you’re fishing a run around three feet deep, place your indicator around four and a half feet up from your fly.

Do you need a strike indicator fly fishing?

No, you do not need to use a strike indicator. This is known as “naked nymphing”, and at times, it may actually increase your odds of catching a fish. In particular, you should consider removing your indicator when you are fishing shallow water, stillwater, or sight-casting to fish feeding beneath the surface.

What is the purpose of a strike indicator?

A Strike indicator is a float attached to a fly line that suspends a sinking fly called a nymph. The strike indicator allows the fly fisher to see when a fish strikes the sunken fly. It is similar to a bobber, except that it is specifically designed for use in fly fishing.

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How far should your strike indicator be from fly?

The general rule of thumb is that the distance between your strike indicator and your fly should be approximately one and a half times the depth at which you wish to wish to fish your fly.

How do you use Loon strike?

Directions for use: Feed Strike Out through hole in container lid. Cut desired amount. Tie Strike Out to leader at desired depth. After fishing, remove Strike Out and return to container.

Can you fish a nymph without an indicator?

‘ Fishing nymphs without an indicator can be a super fun way to fish. A greater concentration is needed allowing you to feel more ‘in touch’ with what you’re fly is doing. Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean. Easier to Cast.

Do you use an indicator with a dry fly?

Another time an indicator is required in when fishing size twenty and smaller dry flies. In this case an indicator is necessary to keep track of the fly. In this case the indicator is usually another fly that you can see, or a conventional small strike indicator will also work.

Do you need an indicator for nymphs?

Use of a strike indicator will help detect the subtle takes that can occur with nymph fishing. Using a strike indicator will allow the nymph angler to have more control of the drift of the flies. With the use of high sticking and mending your flies hopefully will drift drag free.

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