How To Swim In Cat Goes Fishing? (Perfect answer)


  1. When unlocked, press ‘Q’ to swim.
  2. Move around using the arrow keys.
  3. Press ‘Ctrl’ to grab a fish (currently the only thing this does is let you hold onto a fish to see the swimming pattern).
  4. To return to the boat, swim to the boat and press ‘Q’ again.

What is the hardest fish in cat goes fishing?

The Cave Shark is one of the hardest fish to catch in Cat Goes Fishing, if not the hardest by some.

How do you catch the shark in cat go fishing?

To prepare to catch it, first get medium or large bait on your hook, and then equip the Huge Hook and cast your line. Catch a Medium fish, and float your line down to the area where the Shark swims. Once hooked, it is fairly simple to catch, even in Realism mode.

Where is the Lamby in cat goes fishing?

How to catch: It spawns in the ocean above the silo at the depth of the Abyssal fish, it will be easy to find because of it’s glow.

How do you unlock the hook in cat fishing?

The huge hook costs $5,000 and you unlock it by having the shark steal your bait for the first time.

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