How To Read Ice Fishing Flasher? (Perfect answer)

The flasher displays the bottom of the lake, any cover present, your lure, and of course fish. Color indicates the size of the object on your sonar: Red = Large, Yellow = Medium, Green = Small. When you drop your transducer in the hole, the flasher will display the bottom as a large bar of red.

How do you set up ice fishing flashers?

How to use a flasher while ice fishing

  1. Drop the transducer. After you’ve plugged in the battery and turned on the unit, drop the transducer down your ice hole.
  2. Set the range. Depending on the model, flashers can read from one foot to 240 feet of water.
  3. Adjust the gain.
  4. Zoom in.
  5. Start jigging.

How do you find a fish with a flasher?

If there are green/yellow lines on the bottom, this may be the mark of a fish holding tight. Red/yellow lines just above the bottom typically indicate fish. As you drop your lure down, the flasher will display it moving through the water column as a yellow/green bar.

What is a flasher rig?

Flasher rigs are very versatile and will catch just about any fish species that swims in the ocean. A flasher rig is basically a dropper rig with the hook spiced up with some bright/sparking material or feathers to help entice the bite. These rigs come in a variety of colours and hook styles.

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What is Garmin flasher?

The flasher shows sonar information on a circular depth scale, indicating what is beneath your boat. It is organized as a ring that starts at the top and progresses clockwise. Depth is indicated by the scale inside the ring.

How do you keep the transducer level on ice fishing?

Ice fishing transducers have a smaller profile for portability and they are self-leveling. You just drop it in the hole. As long as it is suspended freely there is no need to level it. The cord usually comes with a foam float that lets you adjust the depth based on the thickness of the ice.

Is a fish finder worth it for ice fishing?

Yes, you can use any fish finder for ice fishing but only the high-quality ones will actually work. The cold temperature ruins the transducer on a lot of cheap fish finders. As a result, they’re not designed for the cold weather.

Will a fish finder work through ice?

Here’s the quick answer: Yes – a fish finder can be used to shoot sonar directly through ice to locate fish in the water. You just have to make sure that the ice is clear and has a smooth surface, and that there is no air between the transducer and the ice.

What do weeds look like on a flasher?

If you are seeing a great deal of flasher signal movement inside the area of weeds displayed as green or maybe even orange flashes moving up and down or coming and going from the display, this may or may not be fish. These moving weed signals will seem to move like fish.

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