How To Fix A Fishing Reel That Won’t Reel In? (Solution)

Pinch the cast bail on spinning reels (open-faced reels where the spool is exposed) and release the two ends out of the cast bail housing. Look for any bends in the bail. If no bends are present, pinch the bail again and place it back into the housing to ensure it is not askew. Test the reel in function.

Why is my reel locked?

Spinning reel locked up If your spinning reel gets stuck, and you find that you can’t turn the handle, that usually means it’s jammed. The saltwater can cause the reel to seize up due to salt deposits forming on the gears, ball bearings, and other internal parts.

Why is my reel not spooling?

The great news is that there is a simple solution when you notice your braided line not being evenly distributed on the spool. It’s simply to remove the top of the spool and adjust the washers as shown in the video. It could mean taking away washers, adding more, or substituting for different size washers.

Where is the anti-reverse on a fishing reel?

ANTI-REVERSE SWITCH This feature is typically located at the bottom of the reel and can be a helpful tool when fighting fish. This switch allows you to backreel, or reel in reverse, rather than relying on your drag system for line tension.

What causes a spinning reel to stick?

Over time, dirt, salt, and sand will find its way into the drag washers on your spinning reels, resulting in a “sticky” drag. A faulty drag system is one of the main culprits for breaking off a big fish. Every reel is different, so be certain to check the owner’s manual before you begin.

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