How To Cure A Cane Pole For Fishing? (Solution found)

Curing is complete when the poles take on a tan hue, a process that usually takes several weeks to a couple of months. (Don’t dry the poles quickly in the hot sun or they’ll split and crack.) Some anglers varnish their cured poles or rub them with tung oil for extra durability.

What kind of line do you use on a cane pole?

Bluegill and small catfish are the usual targets when fishing with a cane pole, so a #6 light wire Aberdeen hook was what we always used. The line was fairly light, eight- to ten-pound test, with split shot in a small size clamped to the line above the hook if you needed to make your bait sink and your cork stand up.

How long should a cane fishing pole be?

The length of a cane pole setup most often ranges between 8 to 12 feet. The pole will feature a similar or longer length of monoline tied to its end, as well as a hook with bait tied to the end of that. A lot of fishermen also use a bobber or a float of some kind and extra weight.

How long does it take for a cane pole to dry?

2. Dry your cane pole. Tie a string to the slender tip and suspend the cane as it dries to a tan color. (This could take several weeks.)

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Can you use green bamboo canes?

Green bamboo poles should not be used in construction.

How do you bend bamboo for a walking cane?

Tie the cane with rope or twine so it stays bent into a crook. Let the bamboo cool down completely, then remove the string. Bamboo will “set” at the place where it cools down, so bamboo that’s heated, bent and tied into a crook will stay in that shape.

How do you rig a bamboo cane pole?

How To Build A Bamboo Fishing Pole

  1. Cut Your Cane. Cut a straight piece of cane about 10 feet long.
  2. Dry Your Cane Pole. Tie a string to the slender tip and suspend the cane as it dries to a tan color.
  3. Rig Your Line. With an arbor knot, attach 20-pound Dacron line a few inches above the place where you’ll hold the rod.

What is a cane fishing pole made of?

A cane fishing pole is a large stick, typically a bamboo pole, that has a fishing line attached to the end of it. This line is typically the same length or a bit longer than the length of the pole and has a hook and bait at the end. Cane poles are used for still-fishing and primarily for panfish species.

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